Saturday 26 January Join us in a National Day of Prayer for Britain

National Day of Prayer for Britain

Saturday 26 January National Day of Prayer for Britain

Although you may not be attending this event, we ask for all christians to join us in prayer on 26 January for our nation.
Christians and Government are divided – our whole future is in question. Britain was once a Godly Nation but has now turned away. Brexit and the Authority of the Bible have divided church and state. People have lost the understanding of the power we have with God through prayer. We need you to join us in unity for a Day of Prayer Saturday 26 January 2019 at The SSE Arena, Wembley, 10.00am-6.00pm. Only when the nation prayed together during the National Days of Prayer in WWII, did God save us by mighty miracles, and He will save us now, not through politics but by the power of prayer. Psalm 133 says, ‘When Brethren dwell in unity, the Lord commands the blessing’. We can change Britain through the power of prayer when we unite in intercession.
Intercessions will be led by David Hathaway, Clifford Hill, Reverend Betty King, and other national leaders to be announced.
“We are gathering together to change this nation by the Power of God through prayer. When Jesus was in the storm on Galilee, He took charge and commanded the wind and waves to cease. God has called us into action. We will call upon God in powerful intercessory prayer to change the nation. We need to be bold, to pray in faith and according to the Word, God will both hear and answer!
“We have a comprehensive programme of prayer, but from the outset there are only three critical things we must do: first, give Jesus His rightful place as Lord over this land. The second, we must pray that God will deliver this nation through Brexit. And third, bring the Glory of God back into our nation.” – David Hathaway
Thank you and God bless