Finding Strength in God

Go through the doors. We are not to muscle our way through our Christian life. Our inner strength will get us nowhere! The Christian life is lived through the power […]

Sacred God

We are loving this devotional from Francis Chan. Join us in learning about our Sacred God Sacred Mystery I was bothered the first time I read about God killing Uzzah […]

Now you can ask Alexa or Siri about God

The Church of England have developed their website to work with Alexa and Siri search devices. Previously when you asked artificial intelligence about God it could not answer but now […]

Believe and be saved

Do you try not to think about God? Do you think if you do not find out if God exists you can be saved due to not knowing? The bible […]

Gods Love

It is amazing how much God loves us. Image the most precious person in your world, your Son, Daughter, Father, Mother, Husband, Wife or someone else. Now imagine choosing to […]

The Shack!!

Don’t Miss This!!!  The Hollywood Film, The Shack, based on an international bestseller, tear-jerker story of a father’s devastating loss of his daughter, will be showing at HGFC on Sunday […]

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