As we celebrate this Christmas season, lets not forget the real reason…Christ was born.

During this season, we often focus on Jesus as a child in a manger, which although this is a beautiful and special story, lets not forget the reason He was born.

Jesus came to save the world. He did this through His death on the cross. Every human being is born with sin, since the time of Adam and Eve eating the forbidden fruit. If you have ever seen a baby cry for attention when they don’t need a nappy change, food or comfort you will get the idea. We do not choose sin, we are born with it but as we grow, the flesh, our human nature is more and more drawn to sin.

Despite our best efforts, we will never become perfect enough to gain entrance in to heaven and eternal life. This is where Jesus comes in. God couldn’t bear us to be separated from Him but also wanted to give each of us a choice. So He sent His son Jesus for us to choose to know. God became a man, experienced the same temptations and heartache we do but He never sinned, not even once. Because of this, Jesus was a perfect sacrificial offering for all the sin in the world, as He was pure and perfect.

So Jesus sacrificed His life on the cross, so that He could die for all of our sins, the big ones and the little ones. He chose to do this, despite the pain, depsite the shame and being separated from God himself for the first time ever…isn’t that amazing?

After 3 days He rose again. He beat death! In doing this Jesus is now the bridge to God and through believing in Him, we also are offered the same gift…to beat death!

Jesus doesn’t promise that this life will be easy, but He does guarantee that if you confess your sins, accept Jesus as your Lord and Saviour and invite Him into your life, that He will never leave you and He will be with you forever. Jesus will save a place for you in His Fathers palace and invite you to the most amazing wedding feast ever where you (His church) will be His bride.

Don’t fight the pressures of this world alone, trust in the one and only Lord Jesus Christ – the baby born in the manger this season and thank you Jesus for this amazing reason!