Are you serving other Gods?


Are you serving other Gods?

God is a jealous God, he clearly admits this and it is clearly displayed in 3 of His 10 commandments (summary below). A god can be anything we put before God. This could be money, TV, facebook, family, football team, celebrities, it does not have to be a god from another religion.

So why does God ask us not to do this?

Well He created us, He knows us and He wants the best for each and every one of us. When we look at all the evil in the world, it comes as a direct result of not following the 10 commandments. So God asks us to do this because He loves us, He wants the best for us and He knowswhat is best for us. He can see the whole of our lives whilst we only get a glimpse of the here and now. So why not trust someone who loves you and can see your whole life journey ahead, when you can’t?


So why do we as humans struggle to follow the 10 commandments?

In Genesis we read about sin being brought into the world through Adam and Eve when they rebelled against God and ate from the tree of truth and evil Genesis 2:4-3:24. This sin is inherant in all of us, even from a baby. No matter how hard we fight it we will ultimately sin in our thoughts and our deeds at some point. This is why we need the help of Jesus and the Holy Spirit within us. Jesus paid the price on the cross for each and every one of us so we do not have to be perfect, He was perfect and was sacrificed in our place. All we have to do is acknowledge He did this for us and accept Him as our Lord and Saviour by asking Him to walk with us through this difficult life. When we do this, the Holy Spirit will enter our hearts, strengthen our conscience and prompt us in how to be a better person. We still will never be perfect, but we do not need to be as Jesus did this for us. All God asks is that we walk with Him and by having Him in our lives we will change, we will improve and we will become more like Him. We can’t get any better influence in our lives so this is why God doesn’t want us to have any other gods.

To find out more, why not watch Living Waters ‘Noah’ 30 minute video (click here) explaining the 10 commandments in more detail to people, the sin we have inherant in us and how Jesus payed the price for each and every one of us.