Monthly Archive: May 2018

Are you serving other Gods?

  Are you serving other Gods? God is a jealous God, he clearly admits this and it is clearly displayed in 3 of His 10 commandments (summary below). A god […]

Now you can ask Alexa or Siri about God

The Church of England have developed their website to work with Alexa and Siri search devices. Previously when you asked artificial intelligence about God it could not answer but now […]

Are you hearing the truth?

Tough words to hear but it is the truth and the truth sets us free. Is your church ‘tickling your ears’ with political correctness or are you being challenged with […]

Are you struggling?

God never promised this life would be easy. In fact when we read the bible, He warns us that it will be difficult. So why are we always surprised and […]

Believe and be saved

Do you try not to think about God? Do you think if you do not find out if God exists you can be saved due to not knowing? The bible […]

Urgent Call to Pray for London

Violent crime continues in London. We have an urgent plea for prayer for London. We pray with the UK prayer team that God would inteverne, we speak a blessing over […]